¿Te gustaría asistir al World of Health IT Conference? Tenemos un código de descuento

Los próximos 2, 3 y 4 de abril tendrá lugar en Niza, Francia, la conferencia World of Health IT que este año acoge la tercera edición de la EU SME eHealth Competition que organizamos desde TICBioMed. La asistencia a nuestro evento es gratuita, pero si quieres asistir a la conferencia, utiliza nuestro código de descuento para comprar tu entrada: TC1E.

El objetivo de EU SME eHealth Competition es apoyar a las PYMEs europeas en su desarrollo de negocio aportándoles visibilidad y oportunidades de marketing para atraer nuevos clientes, partners y capital externo. Este año hemos seleccionado a las 16 mejores soluciones eHealth de entre más de 150 candidatos y estas son las que presentarán en Niza el próximo 2 de abril:


Entry Name of the solution Website Country
Big White Wall Big White Wall uses digital technology to transform the way mental and behavioural healthcare is delivered, providing personalised pathways to support and recovery www.bigwhitewall.com United Kingdom
Medixine Medixine provides eHealth solutions like Remote Home Monitoring & Advanced Patient portals in Europe, Asia and US www.medixine.com Finland
AxSys Technology Ltd AxSys Technology, already a market leader in clinical applications, has become a significant player in the US and Canadian markets for Population Health Management (PHM) www.axsys.co.uk United Kingdom
ICW Care Coordination Solution Establish true collaboration across healthcare organizations between providers, care team and patient in order to improve care delivery and to increase efficiency www.icw-global.com/ Germany
Marand d.o.o. Think!EHR Platform is a clinical data repository based on open standards. It provides a solid foundation to jumpstart development of state-of-the-art healthcare apps and applications www.marand.com/thinkehr Slovenia
Codenomicon More and more medical devices are connected to the outside world through networks. Until now, there hasn't been a solution for testing these systems. www.codenomicon.com/medical Finland
Entry Name of the solution Website Country
BlindSquare BlindSquare is a smartphone GPS application using crowdsourced data that changes the daily lives of the blind and visually impaired all around the world http://blindsquare.com Finland
Aseptika Limited (Activ8rlives) We have developed a home-based sputum test predicting flare-ups in chest infections in people with long-term respiratory conditions, reducing hospital admissions and improve healthcare www.activ8rlives.com United Kingdom
9Solutions Ltd 9Solutions IPCS provides unique healthcare benefits by combining real-time awareness, personal safety solutions and workflow optimization intelligence integrated into a single, solid system www.9Solutions.com Finland
SureWash SureWash applies cutting edge games technology to hand hygiene training making it fun and educational while also providing management reports for infection control specialists www.surewash.com Ireland
Emfit Ltd As the pioneer in non contact vitals signs monitoring, we enable discreetly keep track of a elderly person wellbeing and safety. www.safebed.eu Finland
Mint Labs We build Google Maps for the brain, to help doctors provide a faster and better diagnostic and treatment of patients with brain diseases www.mint-labs.com Spain
uMotif digital health uMotif is tackling increasingly unaffordable health services by engaging and empowering patients in self-management of Long Term Conditions (i.e. Diabetes, Parkinson's) and post-operative recovery www.uMotif.com United Kingdom
Evondos Oy Evondos® Service will revolutionize homecare. Patient safety improves dramatically and homecare processes are rationalized providing cost savings. Advanced platform supports other selfcare and homecare solutions. www.evondos.com Sweden
CoRehab Riablo by CoRehab is a brand new product to perform functional exercises in rehabilitation using sensors and games, a way to multiply time with patients www.corehab.com Italy
Euformatics Oy Euformatics brings genome information into clinical practice: faster diagnosis, appropriate drugs at the appropriate dose and newest knowledge. www.euformatics.com Finland