Activ8rlives to Develop its First Medical Smartwatch for Continuous Monitoring of Oxygenation for COPD Patients

Building on its growing respiratory disease self-management focus, Aseptika Limited announced that is has accelerated the development of its medical wearable Smartwatch, called the BuddyWOTCH(TM). This company was the first prize winner in Promises category of the EU SME eHealth Competition 2014

This will meet the vital requirement to continuously monitor blood oxygenation levels in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) patients in the home setting. The BuddyWOTCHTM also integrates other sensors to measure key vital signs and will automatically send data from the wearer to the Company’s secure Cloud-based servers via cellular and wireless networks. The BuddyWOTCH will be CE-marked as a Class 2 medical device for Home Use.


The BuddyWOTCH solution will comprise a 24/7 simple to use wrist-worn device, providing continuous monitoring and alerting capabilities. The WOTCH component incorporates medical sensors for capturing: Walking, Oxygenation, Temperature, Chronicle (image capture of medication, food and liquids) and Heartrate. These biometrics will be transmitted without user operation, as part of the Company’s Always Connected strategy to de-skill and simplify self-monitoring for people of all ages and capabilities.


Commenting on the BuddyWOTCH fast-track development project announced today, Kevin A. Auton Ph.D., Co-Founder and Managing Director of Aseptika Limited said:

“Our BuddyWOTCH will become an integrated monitoring and alerting system, wearable for the “rest-of-life” by the most vulnerable patients with respiratory disease. Combining sensors to monitor fundamental vital signs of COPD patients, will enable patients and their carers to learn from their data and to better self-manage this long-term condition. Younger family members are often unpaid carers and this innovation will provide them with confidence 24/7 that their older family members are safe or give the evidence that they require support. Equally important as we age, we all want to remain independent and in our own homes for as long as we are able. We need a new generation of simple tools to help us, our families and the network of our clinical supporters, achieve these goals and reduce the growing pressure on our NHS.

Our solutions will provide “expert” pathways for use by both patient/carers and then GP’s and clinicians to inform, manage and report the success of home care plans so that patients can remain independent at home, with a better quality and more sustainable model of care.”

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