Readi for Health presented in the Annual Meeting of the Regional Coalition of Active and Healthy Ageing

The Annual Meeting of the Regional Coalition of Active and Healthy Ageing has held in the Auditorium of the Ministry of Health and Social Policy of the Region of Murcia, Spain in July.

The European Innovation Coalition for Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA) responds to an initiative of the European Commission.

It consists of different national, regional coalitions, etc., including the Coalition of the Region of Murcia, which at different levels grouped on voluntary and collaborative institutions, companies, professional and patient associations, seniors and caregivers is addressed to promote health and improve the quality of life and share the challenge of aging as a common interest.

During the event the topics presented were; the website of the Regional coalition, the results of a Needs Assessment in Health Education, some projects underway in the Region of Murcia such as; Innovative food, EU WISE, some innovation projects INCA, Fiche, Readi for Health.

And at the end was conducted a discussion with audience participation analyzing possible synergies and initiatives of active and healthy aging, to boost the development of Murcia Region. These projects are somehow initiatives that align with the objectives of the Coalition:

  1. improve health, quality of life and life expectancy of the population of the region
  2. improve the sustainability of health and social regional system
  3. improve the competitiveness of regional companies
  4. try the best adhesion to pharmacological or non-pharmacological treatments chronic problems
  5. facilitating the integration of regional and social services

Participation and presence in these forums is aligned directly with the objectives that the Readi for Health project has the challenge of meeting.

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