Visibility and business opportunties for eHealth SMEs

In the framework of the European Project PROEIPAHA, supported and financed by the European Commission, Resah the French public Central Purchasing Body for public Hospitals and Nursing Homes has launched an European open market consultation with the objective to detect and assess innovative solutions in the Active and Healthy Ageing field.



Resah’s Innovation Platform is open for submissions from now to 31st March 2016. All suppliers who are proposing innovative solutions on the Active and Healthy Ageing field have to opportunity to fill-in the sourcing questionnaire and present their solutions.


In May 2016, expert committees will be organized to assess the innovative aspects of the solutions submitted on the platform.

Finally, a list of innovative solutions will be created and uploaded on the Active and Healthy Ageing marketplace of the European Commission website. All public and private European procurers will have the possibility to consult the list to discover new solutions that could address their needs.


This is a free and great opportunity for the suppliers to present their innovative solutions to an important number of potential procurers.