Meet the most innovative eHealth SMEs in Europe: the finalists of the EU SME eHealth Competition 2016

The battle has been hard again. This year we've had lots of good proposals as candidates for the final of the eHealth Competition. Now you can meet them: the finalists 2016 who will compete during the eHealth Week in Amsterdam, the next 9th June, to become the best eHealth solution created by a European SME. We wish them luck!

SME The solution Website Country
InSite Platform The InSite Platform enables the reuse of EHR data (Real World Data) for clinical research on a European scale in a compliant and trustworthy manner. Belgium
iHealth Discovery iHealth Discovery is a remote health management platform for chronic diseases that includes devices and software that are intuitive to use to encourage users to better manage their health France
Patientrack Real time system that saves lives, delivers safer care, improves patient outcomes, saves money, improves the workplace for doctors and nurses and interoperates with existing IT investments. United Kingdom
Essence SmartCare Advanced monitoring platform for seniors aging in place, alone. the platform can alert upon possible fall condition, unusual behavior and night wandering. seamlessly. the system is personalized, predictive, preventive and proactive. it prevents hospitalizations. Israel
Jouw Omgeving The most beautiful and engaging E-Mental Health platform for children, youths and people with intellectual disabilities. Empowering and activating patients and those around them by involving and enabling them. Allowing for cost-effective and efficient care. Netherlands
SME The solution Website Country
NiNi Speech NiNiSpeech enables people with speech disorders to take control over their speech in day to day life, and equips speech therapists with real-life quantifiable compliance, performance and progress monitoring - using unique technologies Israel
SYMPTOMA SYMPTOMA is a search engine for diseases. Physicians enter symptoms and receive a list of matching causes - sorted by probability for the case according to age, sex and geography. Austria
HeartDecode® HeartGenetics improves cardiovascular disease evaluation by enhancing genetic testing for cardiovascular clinical routine. HeartGenetics developed advanced bioinformatics tools, algorithms and databases that supports accurate integration of both genetic, pharmacogenetics and clinical data to significantly improve genetic reporting in molecular diagnostics. Portugal
AC-Gen MUTYO is afully automatized virtual tool supporting doctors in Genetic Counseling providing up-to-date knowledge on genetic testing and related diseases. MUTYO ´s methodology has been developed byAC-Gen Reading Life, authorized by the Spanish Government for genetic counselling. Spain
OvuSense >75% of women trying to conceive >6 months suffer from ovulatory disorders. OvuSense helps diagnose these disorders and predict ovulation for all women, helping to halve the time to pregnancy. United Kingdom
Exovite Exovite offers a new concept of treatment in broken bones and muscle injuries using last technologies like wearables, 3d printing and 3d scanning Spain
Oviva Oviva is reducing the cost of treating chronic diseases related to diet, such as obesity & diabetes, by making medical nutritional therapy more accessible & efficient Switzerland
Psious Psious is the first Virtual Reality Cloud Platform for Mental Care Professional. We offer a complete solution to help therapist to deliver better clinical practices for anxiety disorder treatments. Spain
PrevUlcer Mat Prevention ulcer matt system uses flexible technology to adapt to specific requirements, monitoring special pressure points sensible to ulcers. Easy to integrate in long-term patient care process, this is an improvement in the quality of life of long-term patients. Spain
ONCOassist ONCOassist is a CE approved clinical decision support app for oncology professionals(nurses, oncologists, oncology pharmacists). ONCOassist offers oncology professionals easy access to safe, validated decision support tools and information at the patients bedside. Ireland