The 6th Global mHealth App Developer Economics study has been launched

From today, we’re inviting industry stakeholders to share their experiences and insights regarding the current and future state of mHealth in the world’s largest annual study.

2015 was another fascinating year for mHealth. By the fourth quarter, research2guidance had reported that the total number of mHealth app downloads worldwide had reached 3 billion from 165,000 app solutions on the market, making the mHealth industry worth $10.2bn. Despite such progress, few developers have successfully monetized their solutions. Few apps have been effectively integrated into patient pathways or the daily routines of healthcare professionals, whilst traditional health care players continue to proceed cautiously into the space.


We’re proud to announce the launch of our 6th mHealth App Developer Economics Study to investigate some of mHealth's biggest questions and to consider how they might be tackled in the coming years. Last year, more than 5,000 industry experts participated, contributing to what’s become the largest annual study on the global mHealth app market available.


From today, we’re inviting stakeholders from across the industry to share their experiences of working with and in mHealth to find out what is proving successful today and what might prove successful in the near future.


For the 6th edition of the Global mHealth App Developer Economics study we're trying to find out:

  • Which business models are most effective to succeed in mHealth today?
  • Which app categories are most successful in meeting the demands of both patients and investors?
  • What does the relationship between Health Insurers and mHealth look like in 2016?  

We’re offering participants:

  • Immediate entry into our prize draw to win an Apple Watch or Samsung Gear
  • The chance to view initial results immediately after completing the survey
  • A free copy of the mHealth App Developer Economics 2016 report


We thank you in advance for your time and participation!

Link to the survey