Spanish SMEs in the Healthcare Industry_COMPASS opportunitites

COMPASS is an  European Commission research project on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) that is looking for Spanish SMEs with experience and role in the healthcare sector to offer the opportunity to contribute.

The COMPASS Project outline

EBN is a partner of the COMPASS project whose broader goal is to enable SMEs to become more receptive to the needs of customers and users, more aware of related regulatory frameworks and socially acceptable practice, and more trustworthy through involving openness and transparency, inclusiveness and diversity, and ethical practice. The other 5 project partners are the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), University of Central Lancashire Cyprus, De Montfort University, la Caixa Banking Foundation, Strategic Design Scenario, and Stichting B Lab Europe.


As a result of this project we will develop an interactive online platform, the “Responsible Innovation Compass” for three specific sectors: Nanotechnology, ICT and Healthcare. This online platform will provide guidance and support for innovative SMEs, including Responsible Research and Innovation self-check mechanisms for businesses.  


Invitation to participate   

We are seeking to develop our project together with SMEs, as the experts of their fields. This is the reason I am contacting you, I would ask your help to detect SMEs in the field of healthcare.


Our work with SMEs will be in three stages:

  1. Phone or face-to-face interviews
  2. Co-creation online and offline workshops (Responsible Innovation labs)
  3. Review and pilot of the online Compass tool and training materials.


We are now looking for companies willing to be interviewed (first phase). The interview topics will be related to their experience and opinions about critical responsibility issues, success factors and barriers for the adoption of Responsible Innovation. This interview run by UCLAN would take around 1 hour.


 Why is this an exciting opportunity for SMEs?

  1.  The Responsible Innovation Compass platform will showcase exemplary cases for responsible and innovative business models in Europe;
  2. This is a unique learning opportunity to be engaged in a European Commission project on Responsible Innovation related to this specific sector;   
  3. Participation in this project will help to increase SMEs visibility to new business networks across Europe and to learn from peers; and,
  4. SMEs’ input and ideas will help formulate the European Commission to develop standards for Responsible Research and Innovation in Europe
  5. There will be opportunities to network and take part in some competitions as well.

More info about COMPASS: