MSD, in partnership with TICBioMed, launches the Innovation Factory to seek innovative eHealth solutions worldwide

Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. (MSD) in partnership with the cluster TICBioMed, provider of business support in eHealth, has created the EEMEA Innovation Factory, a challenge that looks for the best digital Health solutions worldwide. 

The mission of this initiative is to foster entrepreneurs and ideators come up with articulable solutions, for the three main needs, identified in this geographical Region. Nine participants, three per Challenge, will be selected from the pool of applicants. All finalist will be awarded with a one hour session of "co-creation Brainstorm" with the Business MSD Leaders of the challenge track. The first winner on each category will be rewarded with 3.000 USD. They will also receive three "senior mentorship sessions" to help with product development, based on the feedback of market experts. Two 1 full day Visits to MSD corporate Innovation hubs, in Czech Republic and Hungary, and 5 Startup coaching sessions.


The deadline to submit your eHealth solutions is the 20th of December 2016. The finalists will be informed at the beginning of January and the final presentation will be carried out in Dubai on the 1st of February. 




All the solutions submitted must be: cost effective, easy to implement, user friendly and educational. They also should promote a flowing relationship patient-practitioner and the adherence to treatments.


The challenges

The Innovation Factory launches three challenges, seeking technology-enabled solutions in the following fields:


1. INNOREP: Creating memorable experiences for Healthcare professionals

There is a need to improve and support the interaction of sales reps with healthcare professionals in an ethical, unique, engaging and memorable manner. The expected output is to collect innovative, engaging and impactful solutions to carry out the dialogue (discussion facultative) with healthcare professionals and stakeholders, while using the Knowledge gained and compiled in product studies, clinical papers and scientific materials.


2. EDUCARE: Getting the most out of the waiting room

There is a need to be covered of filling in the dead time spent in the waiting room of a practitioner’s cabinet to add value to patients regarding how to improve their overall health, learn about their condition and improve or manage their pathologies. The aim is to find an easy and motivational solution for the patients, the clinical staff and the hosting institution. It should engage and foster followers across all generations. These solutions would be presented in two main areas of scope:

  • Diabetes: offering essential information about the disease and how to manage it (highlighting Medication adherence)
  • Vaccines: the importance of keeping up and following a timetable of mandatory vaccines.

The expected output of the proposals is to raise the knowledge on specific health topics in a useful and memorable way, having a persuasive value proposition for the main stakeholders, Cost-effectiveness and of an easy implementation and maintenance.


3. SMARTSTOCK: Taking the Pharmacy stock management to the next level

In order to approach the challenge of the rapid growth of pharmacy chains and their prescription-filling in the EEMEA Region, there is a need of increasing the operational efficiency regarding the medicine stock management. Space constraints, complexity of the Pharmacy Chain network and a lack of updated selling figures for an effective supply of country distributors are the main problems the industry has to face towards an optimization of MSD stocking.


Due to this situation MSD calls for solutions to set up a new communication exchange channel, which empower PoS of Pharmacy chains to engage in a proactive communication flow of sharing their internal stocking data with suppliers. Ensuring this Data exchange will result in an optimization of a proper stocking of MSD products at the central warehouse of Pharmacy Chains.


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