Merry Christmas! Have a look at what is coming on 2018

We wish you a Merry and reenergizing Christmas! Hope you enjoy these special dates and start 2018 with the same enthusiasm as we will. Lot of plans at TICBioMed! We’d love to count on you in what is to come in 2018.






inDemand: Digital Health solutions with higher chance of success because they have been proposed and developed side by side with healthcare organisations. #H2020

Internal and private consultation in which Healthcare professionals report those challenges that could be solved with digital health solutions. 


Call for companies! 24 European companies will co-develop their solutions with Healthcare professionals and validate them into their Healthcare organisation. 



eHealth Hub: eHealth Business Support for EU companies. Main support areas: Business modeling, access to private finance, commercialization, and Legal and Regulatory advice. #H2020


We have supported more than 300 startups and SMEs around Europe. 


17 events in 9 European countries. 

‘Investment readiness’ on Sitges, HIMSS 2018. (Open call to be launched soon)


Many calls for companies with business opportunities and Legal and Regulatory talks. Stay tuned here!


ProEmpower: 3 million euros for Pre-Commercial procurement focused on the development of personalised management solutions.

Open Market Consultation to validate the proEmpower approach as well as to involve and informa the companies in the definition process of the procurement.

Publication of the proEmpower precomercial procurement call.


First term 2018

MSD Innovation Factory: Up to $20,000 available to digital health companies that solve one of the challenges proposed by MSD.

MSD pharma was looking for innovators to solve 7 health-related challenges - with TICBioMed support. 

Senior MSD executives will award 3 of the 7 challenges, and work side by side with them to facilitate the roll-out of their solution.


Investors' dinner 




Once a year, we organize a networking dinner for Digital Health investors, side by side with [édito]. A group of the most active European investors in digital health network with peers and discuss investment trends and opportunities. 

Next private investors’ dinner will take place on the Springtime. 


More than 60 of the most active inversores will be attending. 






13 new members in 2017 have joined us. Also TICBioMed staff keeps growing with new incorporations. Happy family!

A brand new Digital Health Blog is coming! Trends, analysis articles, lessons learnt… Useful topics for your organisations. 



Like what is to come? Don’t miss a thing!