> TICBioMed is a cooperative cluster of companies, universities, healthcare providers and public institutions that work together to foster innovation in eHealth (ICT for Healthcare)

Awarded with with the Bronze Label of Cluster Management Excellence

TICBioMed is an eHealth cluster headquartered in the region of Murcia (Spain). Its members include the local public Healthcare system, 4 private hospitals, 3 Universities and 45 ICT companies.


Murcia is a single-province region of almost 1.5M inhabitants. Its Healthcare organizations have mature eHealth solutions and the public provider is currently implementing a technology foundation based on interoperability, which makes it an attractive testbed for the incorporation of eHealth innovation. Regarding clinical priorities, there is a strong interest in improving the management of chronic diseases, among others Heart Failure, COPD and Diabetes.

In addition to this regional ecosystem, TICBioMed has built an extensive European network of 2000+ eHealth contacts thanks to several initiatives. For instance, the EU SME eHealth Competition yearly identifies the best eHealth SMEs in Europe since 2012. The Competition is supported by the eHealth Unit of the European Commission and by a number of eHealth intermediate organizations across Europe, so that dissemination has a pan-European reach.


As part of its core expertise, the association has specialized in the identification of unmet needs and challenges in Health that can be solved with the use of ICT. The objective is to spot areas of opportunity for the development of profitable eHealth innovation, following a methodological approach when interacting with potential customers and end-users (healthcare managers, professionals, patients, etc.). The methodology can be also leveraged for the identification functional requirements.


TICBioMed also makes a strong emphasis on Business Modelling, in order to realistically address market opportunities in the eHealth space. The association has a track record of business mentoring and support to entrepreneurs and SMEs, which can be also applied to the development of project-specific exploitation plans.


The cluster has a broad experience in submitting, negotiating and managing EU projects, as it currently coordinates two European projects: READi for Health (develops Digital Agendas for Health in 4 EU regions), GET (delivers business-oriented services to eHealth SMEs) and also participates in FICHe (eHealth accelerator for FIWARE).


TICBioMed is looking forward to participating in proposals related to Health and ICT, including Pre-Commercial Procurement.


We are very interested in participate in European projects related to eHealth. If you find us a valuable partner, here is our profile

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Our projects

Proyecto Europeo GET para impulsar el crecimiento de proyectos eHealth
Proyecto Europeo READi for Health para desarrollar un plan estratégico regional en eHealth
Proyecto Europeo FICHe, una de las acelaradoras de FIWARE para empresas con proyectos basados en esa tecnología
EU SME eHealth Competition to reward the best eHealth solution developed by an European SME


To improve the quality of life of citizens in general and patients in particular by making use of the technological innovation capacity of their healthcare associates.



To become an international reference in the implementation of technological innovation in the health sector, stressing the benefits for the people, organizations and economy of the Murcia Region.




TICBioMed is member of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing. We are also representatives of the companies in the Regional Coalition.