Business Matchmaking

We help the European eHealth ecosystem to connect and partner. 


Our services matchmake between customers and vendors, facilitate the creation of consortium partnerships, make it easy to meet other peers, and map the digital health ecosystem.




TICBioMed supports you with

> Connecting Customers and Vendors

Getting to know the right vendor or what new offerings are available in the market is not always easy, especially if the innovations have been developed by smaller companies. We help healthcare organizations and other stakeholders to spot relevant solutions.


To know more about how we connect customers and vendors (services: Solution Match, eHealth Roadshow, Adoption Awards...), click here.

> Facilitation of Partnerships

It is getting harder that one company, even a big one, can do it all in digital health. That's why we encourage open innovation and collaboration across the ecosystem. In particular, we promote the connection between corporates (pharma, insurers, medtech) and startups following a win-win model. Get to know how we manage these connections here.


We also facilitate the creation of consortia to jointly apply to opportunities of interest. For instance within ProEmpower, a 3M€ Pre-Comercial Procurement project to develop population management solutions for diabetes, TICBioMed helps vendors to join or get accepted in a consortium to submit the tender application.


We do not only facilitate partnerships but also give visibility to the best ones. The eHealth Adoption Awards, organized by TICBioMed and sponsored by the European Commission, recognize the work of adopters and their technological suppliers in implementing eHealth innovation. My Diabetes My Way, the diabetes online platform created by University of Dundee for NHS Scotland, won the eHealth Adoption Award final at the eHealth Week 2017.

> Meeting Other Peers

In order to promote co-investment opportunities, we organize 'investor dinners' where private investors physically meet and exchange with their peers. The objective is to generate trust among them to accelerate co-investment in eHealth opportunities identified by one of them (probably the most effective and quicker approach for getting funded). TICBioMed together with its partner [édito] (Pascal Lardier) organized one in 2017 as a side event of the Health 2.0 Europe conference.


Our association also organizes periodic networking initiatives to facilitate the connection of the ecosystem. Some of them are related to own events, like the networking sponsored by IBM that followed the 2017 TICBioMed Assembly, or leveraging 3rd party conferences at national or international level.

> Mapping the Digital Health Ecosystem

As the digital health landscape grows and matures it is increasingly difficult to identify potential vendors, investors or business supporters. 


The eHealth Hub Platform is a free on-line tool that maps the digital health stakeholders with a center of gravity in Europe. It makes very simple to discover potential partners or  vendors by country, maturity or clinical areas.


Browse the platform here!

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