Delivery of Business Support

We help eHealth companies, mainly startups, scale-ups and SMEs, to become more competitive and grow.


Depending to the maturity stage of each company, our support includes business model optimization, access to finance, commercialization and communication, together with legal and regulatory guidance. 


TICBioMed supports you with: 

> Business Model Optimization

Constructing a repeatable and scalable business model is the job of every startup, and it is not easy to do it effectively. TICBioMed has coached tens of companies to improve their business model through our participation in EU projects like GET, eHealth Hub or the SME Instrument.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can benefit from the 'Lean Academy' and 'Business Model Clinic' services that support the systematic iteration with the market to iterate or pivot your value proposition and other segments of the business model. These are free-of-charge services offered by the eHealth Hub project. 

> Access to Finance

Most companies need private investment at some point of time to fuel growth. We help you to connect across Europe with private investors interested in eHealth, and improve your pitch in front of them by engaging with the:

  • 'Investment readiness' service that helps to prepare your fund raising. 
  • eHealth Hub Platform, to know relevant private investors. 
  • Investment forums we regularly organize to connect with investors face to face. 

These are free-of-charge services offered by the eHealth Hub project. 


Besides, we can help you to assess which public funding (eg. European calls) is appropriate for you, if at all. If you need support to write a proposal we can also connect with our trusted network of consultants. 

> Commercialization

We help you to connect with potential customers, partners and stakeholders at European level. We also offer discounts or free passes to relevant eHealth events to facilitate your networking.


Moreover, we are constantly interacting with the demand side to promote new business opportunitiesCurrently, you can benefit from these free-of-charge eHealth Hub services: 

  • 'eHealth Roadshow' helps you to interact with potential customers and partners in a very agile format. 
  • The eHealth Hub Platform supports the identification of potential commercial partners.

Besides, TICBioMed organizes the eHealth Adoption Awards to recognise the work of Healthcare organizations and their technological suppliers in implementing innovative eHealth solutions. Among others, this visibility aims to generate new commercial opportunities for the digital health company.

> Communication

Do you have a launch or have won a prize and want dissemination? TICBioMed supports you spreading the word. We can leverage our extensive network at European level to multiply the impact. 


In case your need is more strategic, we can put you in contact with experienced professionals to outsource this service.       

> Legal and Regulatory Guidance

The imminent implementation of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on  personal data requires compliance of current and future eHealth solutions that manage patient data. Similarly, the new rules under the EU Medical Devices Regulation will strongly affect digital health companies operating in Europe. 


TICBioMed helps you to connect with experts in the legal, regulatory and reimbursement areas that know about eHealth and adequate to work with SMEs.


You can benefit from the 'legal support' and 'regulatory guidance' services to receive counselling from European experts. These are free-of-charge service offered by the eHealth Hub project. 

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