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Solution Match

Healthcare organizations and corporates can benefit from this 'Solution Match' service that connects healthcare players with digital startups. Once the healthcare organization indicates an area of interest, the service scouts for the best potential solver across Europe. 


  >  Have a look to what AXA and Hospital Bernal have requested us.

eHealth Roadshow

This service matchmakes healthcare decision makers and prescriptors with a similar number of innovative companies. It does so in an agile format (5 minute pitch of each vendor followed by Q&A) to quickly assess if there is interest. 


Plus, to highlight the most interesting eHealth vendors, since 2012 TICBioMed yearly organizes the SME eHealth Competition that identifies the best small companies in Europe. This initiative, funded by the European Commission and other sponsors, gives visibility to the most interesting solutions. Get to know the winners here



TICBioMed has also launched the eHealth Adoption Awards to recognise the work of Healthcare organizations and their technological suppliers in implementing innovative eHealth solutions. Among others, this visibility aims to generate new commercial opportunities for the digital health company.