Promotion of business opportunities

We help organizations like pharma, insurers and IT companies to identify unmet needs in health, and support them till they are successfully launched to the market. 


Our support includes the methodology to methodologically discover promising business opportunities, the scouting of partners to create a suitable digital solution, the creation of a sound business model, and its validation in the market by interacting with patients/customers. 



TICBioMed supports you with:

> Identification     of Promising Opportunities

We help you to identify needs with high potential to become profitable business opportunities.  


Through our participation in projects like GET, we have acquired experience in systematic need identification leveraging semi-structured interviews, focus groups and the 'job to be done' approach. Among others, we have done so for GSK (a major pharma company) involving cancer patients and healthcare professionals.


Get to know more about our methodology and lessons learnt on how to identify unmet needs here.

> Scouting of Partners

Once a promising unmet need is identified, we put in value our extensive contact network to search for complementary partners. We match needs with solution solvers. 


Healthcare organizations and corporates can benefit from the 'Solution Match' service that connects healthcare players with digital startups. It’s a free-of-charge service offered by the eHealth Hub project until the beginning of  2019. 


> Business Model Development

When a partner is found, each side has usually its own business model. We have expertise in collaborative business modelling construction to support partners in building their joint value proposition.


TICBioMed has coached tens of companies to improve their business model through our participation in EU projects like GET, eHealth Hub or the SME Instrument. We make intensive use of the Business Model Canvas and Lean Startup principles in this phase.


> Market  Validation

Before market launch, business model hypothesis need to be systematically validated by getting out of the building and interacting with potential customers and stakeholders. 


Small and medium enterprises and startups can benefit from the 'Lean Academy' service that supports the systematic iteration with the market to iterate or pivot your value proposition and other segments of the business model. It’s a free-of-charge service offered by the eHealth Hub project. 


A success case is MSD (Merck in the US) that has already benefited from this support to launch its MSD innovation factoryIn 2016 MSD successfully identified 3 relevant challenges, and TICBioMed scouted for solvers at international level. 

Business Opportunities We Are Part Of

Besides we regularly publicize business opportunities. Currently TICBioMed is directly involved in: 

  • InDemand: we coordinate a European project that will launch 24 pilots against needs identified by Regional Healthcare Providers of 3 countries. Beginning in September 2017.
  • proEmpower: a Pre-Commercial Procurement project that purchases 3M€ of digital innovation for diabetes management. 


And going a little further…

Beyond the pilots! We are committed to increase the rate of successful pilots that scale up to the rest of the organization after the research finishes. 


Very soon we will be sharing our proposals to increase the survival rate of successful pilots.

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