eHealth Hub

Free Business Support to Digital Health SMEs

  • EHealth HUB is is a new EU-funded initiative that offers free business support to SMEs in the ICT health sector.
  • Objective: support companies in eHealth to improve their competitiveness and to grow nationally and internationally.
  • Medium term support: support services for SMEs and entrepreneurs for 3 years.
  • 5 services: business model, marketing, search for private financing and access to legal advice network and specialized certification.
  • The agenda contemplates events that are celebrated in different European cities.

The eHealth Hub initiative operates in 5 cornerstones to support the ecosystem´s vertical

Business Modelling

Helping entrepreneurs and start-ups to optimize their Business Model 

throughout training courses and coaching. Intensive sessions to help contestants qualify for the market needs.

Access to Funding

Ensure the access to EU Finance  for SMEs across all EU countries and promote the use of financial instruments, and improve dialogue between EU institutions and stakeholders.


Creation of an exchange platform between the Demand-side and developers, fostering the dialogue with healthcare organizsations, major networks and other stakeholders. 

Legal guidance

Establish a sustainable and scalable support structure of legal nodes, specialized in advising entrepreneurs and sMEs in the eHealth sector , across the EU member states. 

Regulatory advice

Helping the development of eHealth Soltuions compliant to EU and national registration and certification procedures, by providing with a paneuropean experts network.

In order to optimize the sustainability the support will be provided in the form of  7 Services

Optimization of  the Business Model (BM) throughout training courses. The training courses will be organized along major events, taking place in different EU countries. Throughout this service participants get their first Interaction with the market, potential customers and stakeholders.

Support healthcare organizations seeking eHealth solutions 

find their perfect match in the market, by connecting procurers with close-match solutions. 

Solution owners get support on fine-tuning their offer to adapt to the Damand-side needs. It also create awareness for new solutions. 

Training sessions to assimilate how to better gauge funding needs, tailoring their approach to a specific source of funding but also how to get your pitch ready to deliver an effective and successful Pitch with 

eHealth investors.The training sessions will take place at main digital Health events.

eHealth Hub aims to build a Digital Health community to promote business 

growth and fosters private Investment in Europe. The efforts will be supported by an online platform which works as a matchmaker, identificating the best suitable potential investors to the needs of the  SMEs.

We provide with validated professional contacts to obtain legal advice across the European Union. This will provide with the necessary understanding to grow and develop their business, new products and services within the legal framework  of each member state.

*Please note that this is not for free if the advice required is outside the Netherlands or the United Kingdom.

The eHealth Roadshow is an Event to help 

mature SMEs access new markets and 

engage with high calibre stakeholders in a 

cost-effective way. The format of interaction 

will be dynamic, with SMEs pitching their solution in front of a panel of potential customers, commercial distributors and other stakeholders.

We assist European eHealth SMEs in the 

compliance with regulatory specification in order to get  market access authorization. Our network of experts in eHealth regulation will provide the support within the regulatory framework of each member state. 

*Please note that this not a free service. Only some particular cases might get advice

e free of charge.

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