Get up to 1,140,000 € to co-develop and implement your diabetes solution in 4 countries  


ProEmpower is a European Commission funded initiative aiming to procure 3M€ on a population management solution to support patients with Diabetes Mellitus type 2. The procurement will jointly take place in four countries: Turkey, Italy, Portugal and Spain. 


The objective is to provide continuous diabetes management to 12 million patients by procuring a comprehensive IT solution that considers all aspects of care. Proposed solutions should go beyond the state of the art in diabetes type 2 management.


The instrument to jointly purchase the technology is Pre-commercial Procurement (PCP). This type of public procurement is used when there are no near-to-the-market solutions yet and new R&D is needed. PCP can then compare the pros and cons of alternative competing solution approaches. 


Companies participating in all stages (26 months) will have a budget up to 1,140,000 € each 


The process starts with the launch of an open European-wide call for tenders. Suppliers are then invited to submit proposals. After the deadline, proposals are reviewed and ranked. Up to 5 teams will be invited to enter into a competitive itinerary divided in 3 phases


After the tender, selected suppliers are supported economically in each phase to develop what is required. That is, all suppliers in the phase get funding to develop the solution design, the prototype or the pilot. After delivering the expected outputs in each phase, only those that are best ranked will pass to the next phase. 



Vendors are expected to actively engage with procurers to optimize the design and development of technology. However, Intellectual Property of the solution are own by the suppliers.


Companies of any size can participate as stand alone or in consortiums. Before the launching of the tender, ProEmpower partners will organize several information events, and will promote the connection of complementary suppliers to create consortiums. 



Diabetes competition track 


Besides, TICBioMed, organizer of the EU SME eHealth Competition and in charge of Market promotion of ProEmpower, has created a new Competition track to reward the best European Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) with a solution in diabetes. 


The eHealth Competition supports the business success of SMEs by giving them cash prizes, visibility and marketing opportunities to attract customers and external capital. In this 6th edition, the newly created diabetes track will recognize the best solutions in diabetes, facilitating their potential engagement with partners to form ProEmpower consortiums.


The calls for EU eHealth Competition and ProEmpower are completely independent. EU eHealth Competition deadline is 28 February 2017. For ProEmpower info, stay tuned




The expected calendar for 2017 is: 

  • 25 of January. Launching of the eHealth Competition.
  • 28 of February: Deadline to submit applications to the eHealth Competition.
  • 3rd of May:  eHealth competition Final in Barcelona
  • May-June: informative and networking events in several EU countries
  • September: publication of tender
  • December: deadline to submit applications.




The ProEmpower procurers are:

  • Ministry of Health, Turkey (lead procurer)
  • Servicios Partilhados do Ministerio da Saude Epe, Portugal
  • Servicio Murciano de Salud, Spain
  • SOcietà REgionale  per la SAnità  spa (SORESA), Regione Campania, Italy


ProEmpower is currently developing a web site with more detailed information. Please register meanwhile to our mailing list and/or follow us on twitter to stay tuned. 


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