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The Lean Startup concept has changed the way of understanding how we launch new businesses. A startup is not a reduced version of a company but an organization searching for a business model with a repeatable and scalable commercial return. Lean Startup is based on the scientific model of trial-mistake-learning to guide entrepreneurs in their natural environment of uncertainty.

In the Digital Health environment, our experience tell us that it is very important to be focused, from the beginning, in the client (the payer, not the user) and in the marketing strategy. It's easy to be tempted by the technological fascination, but what's critical is to identify the business model that will allow the transition from entrepreneurship to a profitable and scalable business. Lean Startup is a methodological approach that reduces the likelihood of failure, saving effort, time and money.

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The eHealth Start-up Guide for business success introduces the Lean Startup concept in the eHealth sector. It has been developed within the scope of the European project: GET, jointly with other resources like lessons learnt, a list of private eHealth investors or methods to identify business opportunities.

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This video explains very well what's a pivoting business model. This is, how to modify the business model after several interactions with the clients


The main idea in this course is learning how to rapidly develop and test ideas by gathering massive amounts of customer and marketplace feedback. Many startups fail by not validating their ideas early on with real-life customers. In order to mitigate that, students will learn how to get out of the building and search for the real pain points and unmet needs of customers.

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In TICBioMed we have experience in advising entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs to optimize their business model and commercialisation strategy in the eHealth sector. Within the scope of the GET project we have supported 30+ eHealth projects. We have also supported entrepreneurs selected for the FICHe accelerator programme.


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